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    Cheerleading (Girls MS) Practice, Basketball (Boys 7), Wrestling (Boys MS), Swim & Dive (Co-ed V), Volleyball (Girls MS), Basketball (Boys V), Baseball (Boys V), Track & Field (Co-ed MS), Basketball (Boys 8), Football (Boys MS), Football (Boys JV), Wrestling (Boys V), Football (Boys V), Basketball (Boys JV), Basketball (Girls 8 & 7), Volleyball (Girls V & JV), Cheerleading (Coed V) Practice, North Vermillion High School , Cross Country (Co-ed V), Basketball (Girls V), Basketball (Girls JV), Softball (Girls V), Track & Field (Co-ed MS), Swim & Dive (Co-ed MS), Cross Country (Co-ed MS) | July 12, 2023

    2023/2024 Sports Physicals

    With the 2022/23 school year wrapped up, it is time to look ahead to getting your sports physical for the 2023/24 school year. After April 1st of each year, North Vermillion students will be able t...


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