Pendleton Heights High School Baseball (Boys Varsity)

Baseball: Nick Muller Semi-Finals

By Chad Smith | Apr 13, 2024 8:00 AM

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The 2024 Nick Muller Madison County Baseball Tournament kicked off on Tuesday night and weather has wreaked havoc on the schedule all week long. Alterations to the tournament schedule have been constant with the latest now shifting the tournament to Oak Hill High School. Oak Hill will host a single game Friday night and the two semi-final games on Saturday. The Nick Muller Tournament championship will be played on a date to be determined at a later time. To ensure the tournament is able to be completed, the consolation games have all been canceled. Tournament Schedule: Saturday, April 13 Pendleton Heights vs Anderson, 5:00 pm (at Oak Hill) Elwood vs Alexandria, 7:30 pm (at Oak Hill) Game Specific Info for Pendleton Heights: Sport: Varsity Baseball Event: Anderson Indians Date: 4/13/24 Location: Oak Hill High School, 7756 W Delphi Pike #27, Converse, IN 46919 Time: 5:00 pm Tickets: Only available at the gate Cost: $6.00 (cash only) Additional Information: 1. Anderson is the home team and will serve as the "host" 2. Tickets are only available at the gate (cash only) 3. Baseball bracket is attached below