Pendleton Heights High School Tennis (Girls Varsity)

Girls Tennis: County Tournament

By Chad Smith | Apr 12, 2024 11:31 AM

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The 2024 Madison County Girls Tennis Tournament is set to start up after two days of postponements due to inclement weather. The seven team field includes Alexandria, Anderson, Elwood, Frankton, Lapel, Madison-Grant, and Pendleton Heights. The tournament will continue on Saturday with Anderson High School hosting the semi-final and championship matches. Due to the weather alterations made to the tournament, there will not be any consolation matches played. Tournament Schedule: Friday: Pendleton Heights at Alexandria, 5:00 pm Lapel at Madison-Grant, 5:00 Frankton at Elwood, 5:00 pm Saturday: Alexandria/Pendleton Heights vs Anderson, 12:00 pm Lapel/Madison-Grant vs Frankton/Elwood, 12:00 pm Championship Match, 2:00 pm