Franklin Central Junior High School

August Athletes of the Month!

By Jacob Smalley | Sep 13, 2022 9:17 AM

8B Volleyball - Jenna Chappell: Jenna has been leading the 8th grade volleyball team this season. Jenna is the setter and never comes off the court. She works incredibly hard in practice and in games. She is leading the team in assists and aces. She is always positive and helps bring her teammates up. The rest of the team naturally turns to her when they need anything. I also think that it is impossible for her to do anything without a smile on her face. 7A Volleyball - Addison Burnell: She's always giving 100% effort in practice and games, even when other teammates are trying to have fun. She is a great example of an athlete that is always willing to learn more and improve her skills. She's a great part of the team! 7th Football - Caiden Marsden, Beckett Draher, Tyler Blubaum 8th Football - Rian Frazier: Rian is pound for pound the best hitter we have. He has always given his best effort in practices and games. Rian also gets the job done in the academic arena. Cheerleading - Aurora Kennedy: Aurora puts in a lot of effort to be spirited and works hard to engage the crowd. She practices outside of our designated times, is always optimistic and encouraging to her teammates. She is a skilled flyer and takes this role seriously. She is always willing to try something new and responds to feedback well. Tennis - Adam Gorrell: Adam is a leader on the team and works hard every practice and match. His dedication to the game of tennis and his education is admirable. Girls Soccer - Ashlee Baker: Ashlee has been a true leader for our team thus far into the season. She has helped lead our defense to 4 shutouts and only one goal against this season. Her enthusiasm at practice and hard work during games helps bring so much energy to our team. On top of her stellar defense, she has scored 3 goals in our last 3 games with a corner, free kick, and shot from almost at midline. We look forward to the success that Ashlee will continue to bring to our program this season. Boys Soccer - Demario Jimenez: Demario is a hard working athlete who gives it all he has every practice and game. A very respectful person on and off the field. A natural leader who is critical for our team's success.

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