Caledonia High School Athletics Equestrian (Coed V)

Cal vs Hopkins

By Andrew Crawley | Sep 20, 2023 12:00 AM

The Scots made a comeback Saturday as they ended up beating Hopkins 314-288 tying up the season standings at 547. Many Scots took first place including Kylie Greenlee, Griffin Wolverton, Mia Nelson, Khloe Greenlee, Ella Fredrick, Carly VanderRoest,and Aleigha Snyder. The rider spotlight this week is Loralei DeHoek, Loralei has been in the Caledonia Equestrian program since she was in 6th grade. This year as a freshman she has represented EDW (Equestrian with Disabilities) and has been a forerunner and inspiration for others. Loralei has earned the right to compete as a freshman through many state level competitions before this year. The Scots look to take another first place finish next Saturday (9/23), competing at the Barry County Fairgrounds in their last District Meet.

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