Swimming & Diving (Girls V)

Swimming & Diving (Girls V) Scores

By Molly Ewing | Sep 15, 2023 7:00 AM


We are so full of pride in our vikings from this week. At our most recent meet against Rockford we dropped a cumulative 5:31.91 The average percentage improvement was 6.91% in the current season so far. The team worked so hard this week with off the wall scheduling and some of our most intense practices yet. Very thankful to diver Larissa Dudicz for stepping up and swimming 2 relays when she hasn't had a single swim practice this year. Special shoutouts to Sophie Gaylord, Elise Miller, and Mya Vanderzwaag who qualified for the following from our last two meets: New MISCA cuts from dual meet with Rockford tonight! Sophie Gaylord 200 FR 2:03.34 Mya VanderZwaag 100 BK 1:04.89 (all-time personal PR by 1 full second- the prior cut was gained with a tech suit and a taper) Elise Miller 1m Dive 2 meet average score of 181.85 New cuts from West MI relays this past weekend MISCA Mya VanderZwaag 26.05 50 FR State Cut Sophie Gaylord 53.74 100 FR